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End Homelessness One Family at a Time!

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SOS helps families along the road to home.

Today SOS serves more than 4,000 people each year. SOS helps families find housing, employment, provide support to children, and connects them with basic needs. The agency is located on the eastern side of Washtenaw County in Ypsilanti—where there is an increased need for support.

SOS Community Services empowers families to stay housed. We hear what it's really like for people to live without housing, food and heat. Recently, we have heard what it is really like for:

  • The single father who lost his job and, for the first time in his life, has to ask for help to feed his children.
  • The family of six has nowhere to live and has been staying in their car.
  • The husband and wife who have fallen behind on rent because their child's illness. Now the family faces eviction on top of the mountain of medical bills.

Your gift can make a big difference. It can allow a father to feed his children, give a family a six a home, and help a family to keep a roof over their heads.