$15 dollars per day can end homelessness for a child! image

$15 dollars per day can end homelessness for a child!

It only costs $15 to end homelessness for a day for a child. And your gift will be matched by the US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development times four!

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Our community is facing the worst housing crisis EVER. Hundreds of families have lost their homes ... leaving them with no place to live but their cars. Or outside.

And winter is coming. Being homeless will go from a nightmare to potentially fatal.

But I have good news: We have access to a significant sum of federal housing funds. Funds that will help us help people permanently get back into homes of their own.

To unlock those funds, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) asks that people like you right here in the community support the work. For every dollar you give, HUD will give $4 more.

That means your donation today will multiply 4 times to help struggling neighbors off the streets, or out of their cars ... and into homes of their own.

It only costs $15 to end homelessness for one day for a child. And your gift will be matched by HUD times four! That means that:

  • Your donation of $30 will be matched with $150 and provide ten days of housing for a homeless child!
  • $45 become $225 and houses a homeless child for 15 days.
  • If you can give $60, that will turn into $300 and provide 20 days of housing for a child whose family is homeless.

The point is this: whatever you choose to donate today, it multiplies 4 times to help end this housing crisis, getting people into the homes they need.

With Winter just around the corner, the urgency is clear. We can’t let families spend frigid, stormy nights in their cars, or in tents.

Most of the people who have become homeless have jobs! (Sometimes more than one job!) What they don’t have is the resources to pay the high cost of getting a new place – two months’ rent plus a deposit. That’s way beyond what they can afford. So they’re homeless.

They need a hand up. Your gift – multiplied by HUD matching funds will be the helping hand they’re hoping for.

Your giving will make a permanent difference. Studies show that our approach really works. 96% of those we help find new homes are never homeless again. That’s how powerful your donation will be!

Let me tell you about one family we’re in touch with. They’ve been homeless and on the shelter waitlist for a year. They live in their car. They spend their days at the library. They deliver meals for Door Dash, and that helps, but it’s not enough. Mom, Dad, and the kids all feel lost. And they know, just as you do, that it’s going to get a lot worse this winter.

We can help them. We would help them today, if we have the funds.

That’s why I’m coming to you. Your donation (which will multiply 4x) will make all the difference. You’ll help them completely turn their situation around. It’s what they want. It’s what you want for your neighbors. It’s what our community needs.

When we help one family, we make life better for everyone!

Any amount you give – think of that times 4. That's the impact you'll have.

You know a bargain when you see one. Will you please rush your gift today? Your love will help those in deep need permanently break free from homelessness. Please give as you are able.

Please Note: SOS must raise $202,430 to secure federal funds. Funds raised beyond this amount will be used to provide additional services to families in need including food and children’s services.